Vi har ett stort utbud och låga priser på Baltics Industrial sortiment, som har fokus på produkter som uppfyller yrkesfiskares och andra yrkesgruppers höga krav. 

Vi gör även service på dina Baltic-västar till marknadens lägsta pris - läs mer här: Service av Baltics livvästar

Baltic - Inflatable Lifejackets

Inflatable lifejackets are compact and easy to wear. In this category you can find special lifejackets with PVC outer covers that provide high resistance to flame, oil, mould and UV-light plus lifejackets with 305N buoyancy to overcome the negative forces of heavy industrial clothing.

Baltic - M.E.D/SOLAS

Our MED/SOLAS Lifejackets have a design for quick donning, easy storage and are manufactured for a long life span.

Baltic - Hybrid Lifejackets

In our hybrid lifejacket for rescue personnel we combine the advantages of our foam lifejackets with our inflatable lifejacket. The result is an air/foam lifejacket where 55N buoyancy comes from the super-soft buoyancy material and 165N from the inflatable bladder giving in total 220N of buoyancy.

Baltic - Floatation Clothing

Robust and durable flotation clothing for work on or next to water.

Baltic - Tillbehör och reservdelar

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore the quality and reliability of spare parts are critical. In this category you can find everything from protective covers, lifejacket lights and spare parts for your inflatable lifejacket.

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